Pre-ADCC interview: Mackenzie Dern


Can you please introduce yourself to the Swedish grappling community?
My name is Mackenzie Dern and I am a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am 20 years old and have been doing jiu-jitsu for 17 years! I am 6x World Champion and 5x No Gi World Champion.

When and how did you first come in contact with Jiu-Jitsu?
I first started Jiu-Jitsu because my Dad, Megaton Dias, who is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt has his academy since I was born. He used to take me to the academy since I was little and would teach me the positions and I grew up loving the jiu-jitsu life style.

Who has meant the most for your Jiu-Jitsu?
My Dad is the most responsible for my Jiu-Jitsu. He is the one who got me started and he is the one that has taught me how to be the type of black belt I am today. I owe everything to him!

What was your experience from Metamoris 2 where you went up against Michelle Nicolini?
It was a good experience! The Metamoris event really treated the athletes great. I thought the event was really nice and a good idea. Of course, I would be happier if I could have got the submission, but I was happy that in the end a lot of people liked the womens fight!

Do you think the Metamoris format will spread?
I think the Metamoris event will keep getting bigger and bigger. I am not sure if a lot of other organizations will take on the same format. It seemed like a lot of investment and is hard to get all the top athletes like the Metamoris, but I think for sure the Metamoris will have many more events!

How has your last grappling year been like?
This year has been really crazy for me. I have had so many opportunities and I am still adjusting to the black belt. I have been competing a lot, traveling a lot doing seminars and camps and working on my personal objectives like teaching women’s classes! Overall I am happy with my results but I really want to get the best results possible. I am training hard and I know each competition I will get more mature and prepared to win the black belt world title.

How are you preparing for ADCC 2013?
My ADCC training had been going good and is still getting stronger and stronger. I am training no gi everyday and still have some competitions to do. I have to thank my team in Phoenix, Arizona for helping me train hard. They help me so much and they are always correcting me and helping me get better. I am taking care of my diet and working out to try and be in my best shape possible!

What is your thoughts of the competitor list in your weight class, any names you are missing?
So far, I still don’t know for sure who is all confirmed. But from the girls that are confirmed that I know I think it is good. The tournament is tough and we are all going there for the first place. I know a lot of girls that I think should be in the division. I feel a little it is more about the contact then the actual titles, because I know some girls that really proved themselves but are not invited. But I think the girls in the division are really tough and for sure the ADCC is going to have some good women’s fights!

What is your opinion regarding the lack of weight classes for women at ADCC tournaments?
I believe to see the most top athletes they need to put more divisions and they should give a little more attention for the women. I think we could have super fights, absolutes and a couple more divisions.

Favorite submission?
I like a lot of submissions! I probably prefer the chokes and the toe holds!