Intervju: Kyra Gracie

Kyra Gracie is a BJJ blackbelt and the ADCC champion of 2005 & 2007. She will compete in the ADCC World Championship 2009 in Barcelona 26th – 27th of september.  I want to say thank you to Kyra for participating in this interview and and wish her the best of luck in ADCC 2009.

Kyra Gracie. Photo:

How did you start training BJJ and how old were you?
It’s hard to say when I really started training jj, because I have my gi since I born, so I can say that I started training when I started walking. But I started to compete when I was 11.

As the champion of ADCC 2005 & 2007 how do you keep yourself motivated for ADCC 2009? Is winning still the big motivator for you or do you find other inspirations?

I’m always motivated to win, I wanna my thrid title. I always wanted to be the best when I was a kid, and now I wanna keep myself at 1st place.

Kyra in ADCC 2007. Photo:

Do you feel a lot of pressure this year defending the title?
I think it’s a lot of presure because I’m the only woman in there that have 2 titles.

Who do you think will be your most dangerous opponent in this tournament?
There are a lot of tough oponents, its hard to point one. I can say that the japanease are very tought.

Kyra in ADCC 2005. Photo:

With whom are you currently training with and where for ADCC?
I’m training in brazil, but I’m going to NY to train with Renzo and then I’m going to London to train with Roger.

What is your training schedule like before an event such as ADCC?
I lift wheighs, train wrestling, jiujitsu and judo.

How do you prepare yourself mentally before a tournament as ADCC?

I think once you feel  that your training is improving you get more mentally tough.

Which win over the years do you appreciate the most?
My first worlds in jiu-jitsu 2004, and my firts adcc 2005.

What does the near future have in store after ADCC?
Rest, travel…

What is your favorite choke/lock?

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