Intervju med Eddie Bravo ang. ADCC

ADCC:s Facebook sida har de nyligen publicerat en intervju med Eddie Bravo. Ni kan läsa hela intervjun i det här inlägget.

Eddie Bravo och Sheikh Tahnoo 2011.

JM- Hi Eddie. How’s everything?

EB- Everything is fabulous, life is beautiful
(photo, Eddie and Sheikh Tahnoon)

JM- Let’s start with whats up. You and Royler are set to face of in masters super fight at this years ADCC world. How do you feel about that?

EB- This is the only match up that will bring me out of retirement, I wanted to prove that my first win over Royler was no fluke for the last 8 years so it’ll be amazing for me if it actually happens.

JM- there has been some words flying back and fourth about lightning never striking twice in the same spot and Royler wanting too much money etc. Is this all just hype before the fight?

EB- Well, I don’t know exactly what he’s thinking but he accepted the match and did an interview with GracieMag and Tatame saying all sorts of confident things but then 5 days later he asked ADCC for 50k show money on top of the 25k prize money, so I’m not sure if he thinks that my style is too risky for him or if it’s just a ploy to try and throw my training off or something. I never discussed money with Sheik Tahnoon, I just accepted the match, this is not about money for me, it’s about getting respect from the Gracies that I didn’t get with my first win. Royler never gave me an ounce of respect. He just said I got lucky and that he made a mistake. If he would’ve given me just a little respect I wouldn’t have been after him about a rematch all these years.

JM- give us your prediction on the fight.

EB- Predicting a win over someone who has been training Jiu-Jitsu his whole life under the grand master of bjj would be a bit silly. Who knows what will happen, he is a legend with ultra super solid Jiu-Jitsu skills but I know I can submit him again. Will it happen the next time we compete? Who knows, but I will do everything in my power to shift the odds in my favor for this match.

JM- Is there any changes that you need to do to your training before the big rematch against the Gracie?
EB- Yes, but I won’t talk about my training publicly. All I will say is that my master Jean Jacques Machado will be involved in my preparation.

JM- Since 2003 ADCC you haven’t fought so much. Do you think this might be in your disadvantage or is it just another day on the mat for you?

EB- Of course it will be a disadvantage but knowing that I submitted him as a brown belt will make up for the lack of competition over the last 8 years. My style has evolved by leaps and bounds since ‘03 and I think that will present many new problems for him.

JM- You where just at Abu Dhabi to train with Sheik Tahnoon. Tell us about that.

EB- It was an amazing experience. Sheik Tahnoon is a super cool down to earth guy, I wasn’t expecting that from a man of such royalty. His passion for Jiu-Jitsu is un paralleled. If it wasn’t for him and his vision for ADCC I would probably still be DJ’ing in strip clubs in LA, he was responsible for Royler and I meeting up in ADCC 2003, I will always be indebted to him for that.

JM- How long did you stay there and did your trip include some other activities than jiu-Jitsu?

EB- I stayed in Abu Dhabi for 5 days. While I was there I visited Ferrari World which has the fastest roller coaster in the world, that scared the crap out of me.

JM- We just ended the trials runs with European championships in Turku, Finland. There is no 10th planets students on the list yet. Do you have hopes for a wild card for your team.

EB- Denny Prokopos and Sean Bollinger were my first 2 black belts and would’ve done the trials in the US but they were both on an MMA card just before the trials. They have been focusing on their MMA careers so that left little time to focus on the competitive grappling circuit. Plus Denny suffered a huge cut in that fight so there was no way he could compete in the trials even if he tried to get in last minute. But right now both of them do not have an MMA fight scheduled and would definitely do ADCC 2011 if they got the invite.

JM- Is there anything else you would like to say to

EB- If you are interested in learning the 10th Planet style join me on the Nibiru forum at thank you all very much for the support 🙂

JM- Ossssssss